Paddy O’Rourke Poetry Scholarship

The Paddy O’Rourke Poetry Scholarship was established in 2018 to recognize and encourage young Saskatchewan poets. It is named in honour of Patrick (Paddy) O’Rourke, a teacher, literary editor, mentor and prominent friend of Saskatoon’s and Saskatchewan’s arts community.

This site should give you all the information you need to (a) understand the scholarship criteria and submit an application; and (b) become a valued donor, including the link to the Scholarship’s financial administrator, the Saskatoon Community Foundation.

The Scholarship is coordinated by Saskatchewan’s first Poet Laureate Glen Sorestad as Chair, Sonia Sorestad, and Ray and Debbie Penner.

– Apply –

The Paddy O’Rourke Poetry Scholarship will be awarded annually, at the discretion of the Scholarship judges and administrators. The amount awarded is determined in part by donor support.

The current scholarship is $1,000 CAD.

Please carefully review the application criteria to ensure your submission will be considered. Incomplete applications will be discarded without further consideration or notice.

The successful applicant must meet the following criteria:

– 1 –
Be a Saskatchewan resident completing Grade Twelve in Saskatchewan or one who has graduated from Grade Twelve in Saskatchewan within the past 24 months.

– 2 –
Be accepted into, or plan to attend in the fall of the year of the award, a post-secondary institution and be enrolled in at least one class in the literary arts (e.g. English 101; a creative writing class, etc.)   Note: Scholarship funds will be issued upon proof of enrollment to a post-secondary institution as per the above. The post-secondary institution does not have to be in Saskatchewan.

– 3 –
Provide a letter (written by the applicant) indicating reasons why he or she deserves to be awarded the Scholarship. Important factors include participation in writing-related activities (e.g., editor of the school newspaper; involvement in a local library writers’ club; reply letters from publications who have considered your work, regardless of whether or not that work was accepted). Note that the writer’s talent – not financial need – is the principal focus for the Scholarship. The letter must include:

a. Current educational status (e.g., attending Grade Twelve) and educational institution where you are about to or have graduated.

b. Your Full Name

c. Your Address 

d. If you are under 18: Your parent or guardian’s contact information such as phone number and, if possible, email address. 

e. A statement which reads, “I agree to the terms and conditions of the Paddy O’Rourke Poetry Scholarship, including the right to release the winner’s name and sampling of his or her work to the media and general public. I further confirm that the poetry submitted is entirely the original work of the applicant.”  If you are under 18, please have your parent or authorized caregiver sign this statement and print their name and date. 

– 4 –
Append a sampling of five to ten pages of the applicant’s poetry. (Note: This does not imply five to ten different poems; long poems that exceed one page are acceptable.) Please do not submit illustrations/images.
Be sure to retain a copy of your work, as no submissions will be returned.



Paddy O’Rourke Poetry Scholarship
c/o  Ray Penner
1126 2nd Street East
Saskatoon, SK  S7H 1R5
Ph: (306) 241-7079

Ray Penner:
PH: (306) 241-7079

Ayn Rand Essay Contests


Have you read one of Ayn Rand’s thought-provoking novels? Now’s the time! Enter an Ayn Rand Institute essay contest for your chance to win thousands of dollars in scholarship prize money.

ARI has held worldwide essay contests for students on Ayn Rand’s fiction for more than thirty years. This year we will award over 230 prizes, totaling more than $70,000.

Questions? Write to us at

Mary Joyce Booth Memorial Scholarship (French)

Up to two scholarships of $1,500 are available for French-Second-Language (FSL) students entering their first year of a post-secondary program in the French language.

Dr. Mary Joyce Booth was a devoted and enthusiastic educator, well known in Canadian Parents for French circles for many years before her death on March 22, 2007. She was passionate about promoting French-Second-Language (FSL) education. Dr. Booth was a professor of French in the College of Education, Department of Curriculum Studies, at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon. She endlessly supported opportunities for young FSL students. She also provided moral, professional, personal, and financial assistance to all levels of Canadian Parents for French over the years. Her interest in FSL initiatives started early; her passion for language was her life’s work. This award honours her memory.

Mary Joyce Booth Memorial Scholarship – 2020

CWB Welding Foundation Awards

Various amounts! Apply as early as possible as funds are limited.

→ Must be accepted into a full-time welding program for post-secondary
→ Complete online form
→ Provide 2 references (not family)
→ Include current transcript verification report with grade 11-12 marks highlighted (school report transcript is fine)
→ Letter of recommendation (teacher, staff member, employer) relating to your welding activities
→ Acceptance letter to post-secondary institution
→ 500 word essay (details on site under Instructions)
→ Recipients must agree to be acknowledged


Marilyn McCrea Scholarship

Scholarship Guidelines & Eligibility Criteria


To assist Moose Jaw and area female students in pursuit of a career in a field where women are under-represented.


  • The female student must be enrolled in an approved educational program.
  • Have verification of acceptance from the program of study.


Awarded to a student who lives in the boundaries of south-central Saskatchewan which Moose Jaw Transition House serves.


2 scholarships in the amount of $500 each will be awarded annually.


Applications must include all of the following documents:

    1. This completed document – pdfClick to Download
    2. Verification of acceptance from the program of study.


Applications must be completed in full and postmarked by June 30th annually.
Scholarships will be awarded by September 1st.

Submit via:

Mail: Moose Jaw Transition House
Marilyn McCrea Scholarship Fund
Box 1866
Moose Jaw, SK
S6H 7N6

Fax: (306) 693-0243



MacRae Memorial Fund Scholarship


As a part of the MacRae Legacy for Life, the Memorial Fund Scholarship was created to recognize the hard work and dedication necessary to complete a high school diploma. The scholarship is to aid in supporting individuals lith learning disabilities in their pursuit of a post-secondary education.

The MacRae Memorial Fund Scholarship is dedicated to eliminating educational gaps between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians.


Please make sure all of the following documentations are handed in with the scholarship application.

  • Completed Scholarship Application
  • One-Page Essay on:
    • How learning disabilities have affected his/her life
    • How he/she has learned to work with and compensate for those disabilities
    • What he/she hopes to do in the future
  • Three letters of reference
    • Reference letter from teacher who taught applicant in high school
    • TWO reference letters from two people who have known the applicant for a minimum of one year
      ****NOTE: Letters from relatives will not be admissible****
  • Proof of admission or acceptance (or conditional acceptance) in the course of study proposed
  • Full copy of psychoeducational assessment (if available) of the diagnosis of a learning disability by a registered psychologist (or equivalent). In the absence of a full copy of psychoeducational assessment, a letter from a registered psychologist (or equivalent) confirming the existence of a learning disability or ADHD and a brief description of its characteristics will be permitted.


MacRae Memorial Fund Scholarship

Learning Disabilities Association of Saskatchewan Scholarship


The scholarship is administered by the Learning Disabilities.
ADMINISTRATION Association of Saskatchewan (LDAS). The selection is made by a committee, appointed by the LDAS Board of Directors, who make their decisions based on the following criteria:
CRITERIA: The applicant must complete the form and submit it along with a one page explanation of:

  1. How learning disabilities have affected his or her life.
  2. How he or she has learned to work with and compensate for those disabilities.
  3. What he or she hopes to do in the future.

In addition, candidates must arrange to have the following documents sent to Learning Disabilities Association of Saskatchewan:

  1. Three letters of reference: one from a teacher who taught the applicant in high school and two from persons who have known the applicant for a minimum of one year. Letters from relatives will not be admissible.
  2. Proof of admission or acceptance (or conditional acceptance) in the course of study proposed.
  3. Written documentation of the diagnosis of a learning disability by a registered psychologist within the past five years.

Value:  3 x $1000

Deadline:  June 30


Junior Citizen of the Year Award

The Junior Citizen of the Year award has honoured the youth of Saskatchewan for over 40 years. The program is sponsored by The Saskatchewan Weekly Newspapers Association, in partnership with SaskPower, and the Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan.

These prestigious awards are given to kids who:

  • Have had the ability to overcome life’s challenges
  • Have a positive lifestyle
  • Are dedicated to community and school
  • Have a strong sense of caring and responsibility
  • Inspire others
  • Are between ages 8 to 18

Four award recipients are chosen each year to receive a $3,000 bursary provided by SaskPower. Someone you nominate could be one of them.

For more information, call:

Nicole Nater

306.649.1405 (Saskatoon)

or email

The 2020 call for nominations is now open. Nominations will be accepted until March 31, 2020. 


SaskTel Metis Scholarship

SaskTel Métis Scholarships

Every year, several scholarships are awarded to Saskatchewan students studying in a field directly related to information and communications technology.


Open to Entrance and Undergraduate students enrolled in an accredited post-secondary institution pursuing a degree, diploma or certificate program directly related to information and communications technology.  Programs include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Engineering (electrical, electronic, telecommunications)
  • Business Administration/Commerce
  • Computer Science
  • Other field of study related to SaskTel

Candidates must:

  • Self declare as Métis
  • Be a Saskatchewan resident
  • Demonstrate academic ability to be successful in course of study
  • Be enrolled or plan to enroll in full-time studies at a Post-Secondary institution in Saskatchewan
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Submit a statement of no more than one page attesting to leadership skills and Community involvement, which includes a 50-word biography

By submitting their application, candidates grant permission for the Gabriel Dumont Institute Scholarship Foundation to provide their name, photo, course of study and submitted statement for publication purposes, should they receive the award.

Deadline for scholarship applications is May 1 and October 1 of each year. Please note that Scholarship applications are not retained past the award year.

To apply, visit the Gabriel Dumont Institute website and submit an online application.

If you have any questions please feel free to call our Human Resources Department at 1.866.742.6551 or send an email to

SaskTel Gord Kuhn Scholarship

SaskTel Gord Kuhn Scholarship

The SaskTel Gord Kuhn Scholarship has been established in honour of long time SaskTel employee Gord Kuhn. Gord’s career at SaskTel spanned 29 years, and at the time of his passing he was serving as President CEP (Communications, Energy & Paperworkers Union) Local 1-S. This scholarship acknowledges Gord’s valued commitment to SaskTel and his leadership in building a strong employer/union partnership.

The SaskTel Gord Kuhn Scholarship is $3,000 and is awarded to a current SaskTel employee (or immediate family member of a SaskTel employee) attending a post-secondary institution in Saskatchewan studying in a field directly related to telecommunications.

Congratulations to the 2018 recipient, Alison Landstad.


  • Be a current SaskTel employee or immediate family member of a SaskTel employee. Family member is defined as the employee’s child or the child of the employee’s spouse or common law partner (includes step-children and adopted children).
  • Be Saskatchewan resident (defined by eligibility for Saskatchewan Health Services)
  • Be enrolled or plan to enroll in full-time studies (for a minimum of eight months) at a post-secondary educational institution in Saskatchewan.*
  • Be enrolled in a degree, diploma, or certificate program directly related to telecommunications. Programs include, but are not limited to, the following: Computer Science, Engineering (i.e. electrical, electronic or telecommunications), Accounting, and Business Administration.
  • Have achieved a minimum 75 per cent grade average in their most recent educational standing.

Please note that scholarship applications are not retained past the award year.

Deadline for scholarship applications is March 31, 2020


If you have any questions, please feel free to call our Human Resources Department at 1.866.742.6551 or send an email to

*Applicants who are unable, because of a