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Vanier Scholarships

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There are a number of scholarships that Vanier students can apply for through the Prairie South School Division portal. Please note, that these scholarships become available every January and are typcilally due at the end of April or beginning of May.

Some scholarships will require you to submit an online application and some will state to see your school counsellor. For those that require you to talk to your school counsellor please note that by completing the Vanier General Scholarship Form you will be considered for those scholarships.

Online Scholarship Form Required (GREEN CHECK MARK):

  1. Associated Canadian Travellers Scholarship
  2. Dubinsky Family Education Trust
  3. Elks’ Lodge Trudie Temple Music Scholarship
  4. Ellen Greenlay Memorial Scholarship
  5. Jennie McCallum Memorial Music Scholarship
  6. Ken Stewart Memorial Scholarship
  7. Mel Smith Music Scholarship
  8. Moose Jaw Festival of Dance Doris Sitter Memorial Scholarship
  9. Moose Jaw Refinery Partnership Scholarship
  10. Snowbirds Scholarship

Vanier Collegiate General Application Scholarship Form Required (March/April):

  1. Rotational Scholarships (Pat Boughen Memorial Scholarship)
  2. Clarence and Violet Ethel May Redmond Scholarships
  3. Evelynn Leone Wilson Memorial Scholarship
  4. Jennie E. Graham Scholarship