Youth Ambassadors Program with Canada (3 week exchange in the USA)

Canadian Citizens Apply Now! Deadline: March 31, 2018

Program Themes:

  • Civic Education
  • Community Serivce
  • Youth Leadership
  • Social Inclusion

Exchange Location: 

  • Ottawa, ON; Plattsburgh, New York; Washington, D.C.


  • July 16 to August 4, 2018


  • No application fees and the costs are covered by the Youth Ambassadors Program.

Youth Applicants: 

  • 15 to 18 years old with at least 4 months of high school remaining, demonstrated interest in the USA, and commitment to implement community service project

Adult Mentor Applicants: 

  • Demonstrated commitment to supporting youth and an interest in a continued mentorship role.

Who Especially Encourage Applicants: 

  • Who have not previously visited the USA
  • Who are new Canadians
  • Who are First Nations, Inuit, or Metis persons
  • Who reflect the geographic, ethnic and socioeconomic diversity of Canada

What are the criteria for selection?

  • Students will be evaluated on the following factors:
    • a demonstrated interest in and commitment to volunteer and civic activities;
    • ability to work cooperatively in diverse groups and tolerate the opinions of others;
    • leadership potential;
    • good social and communication skills;
    • good academic performance;
    • an energetic, positive attitude; and
    • ability to implement projects that benefit the applicant’s school and/or community.