MacRae Memorial Fund Scholarship


As a part of the MacRae Legacy for Life, the Memorial Fund Scholarship was created to recognize the hard work and dedication necessary to complete a high school diploma. The scholarship is to aid in supporting individuals lith learning disabilities in their pursuit of a post-secondary education.

The MacRae Memorial Fund Scholarship is dedicated to eliminating educational gaps between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians.


Please make sure all of the following documentations are handed in with the scholarship application.

  • Completed Scholarship Application
  • One-Page Essay on:
    • How learning disabilities have affected his/her life
    • How he/she has learned to work with and compensate for those disabilities
    • What he/she hopes to do in the future
  • Three letters of reference
    • Reference letter from teacher who taught applicant in high school
    • TWO¬†reference letters from two people who have known the applicant for a minimum of one year
      ****NOTE: Letters from relatives will not be admissible****
  • Proof of admission or acceptance (or conditional acceptance) in the course of study proposed
  • Full copy of psychoeducational assessment (if available) of the diagnosis of a learning disability by a registered psychologist (or equivalent). In the absence of a full copy of psychoeducational assessment, a letter from a registered psychologist (or equivalent) confirming the existence of a learning disability or ADHD and a brief description of its characteristics will be permitted.


MacRae Memorial Fund Scholarship