Larry Wilson Scholarships

Moose Jaw Arts in Motion is pleased to announce that the Larry Wilson Scholarship Program will again be available to students who wish to study in the following artistic disciplines:

  • Drama
  • Dance (Traditional and Contemporary)
  • Musical Theatre (live voice and dance)
  • Instrumental
  • Vocal
  • Literature (including writing, journalism, screen writing)

The scholarships are funded from monies set aside by Larry Wilson to acknowledge the contributions that his family made to the arts. They are executed by the South Saskatchewan Community Foundation.

Applicants Please Note:

  • Deadline for all applications is June 30, 2019 (CALL TO DOUBLE CHECK THE DEADLINE I IT HASN’T BEEN UPDATED ONLINE YET.
  • You may apply in more than one category. If you are applying in more than one category, please be sure to fill out a separate application for each category and include a complete set of supporting documents for each application.
  • The application must be sent directly to:
    Larry Wilson Scholarship Program
    Moose Jaw Arts In Motion,
    Box 1782, Moose Jaw, SK S6H 7K
  • Only those who are awarded scholarships will be notified.
  • Materials submitted by applicants will not be returned.

Application Form, Letter of Support and Cover Note for Applicant