J. Russell St. Eloi UA Scholarship Fund

The J. Russell St. Eloi Scholarship Fund Society was created in Russell’s memory to continue the work of this great labour leader in Canada. We intend to carry on with the job that Russ started by promoting the values and things he believed in by giving people a chance at being productive members of society. Please explore this web site and consider a contribution to the Scholarship Fund. The fund supports individuals by granting scholarships under a four catagory system as follows:

Academic Programme
– Scholarships to be awarded on the basis of academic achievement
Need Programme
– Scholarships to be awarded on the basis of individual need
Affirmative Action Programme
– Scholarships to be awarded with a view to correcting the under representation of woman and aboriginal people in the skilled building trades
Transitional Programme
– Scholarships to awarded in support of adult education where career transition is imposed on persons by circumstances beyond their control.

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