Gabriel Dumont Institute Scholarships and Bursaries

The Gabriel Dumont Institute has been administering scholarships for Saskatchewan’s Métis since the early 1980s through the Gabriel Dumont Scholarship Foundation.

Scholarships are awarded to Métis students who are Saskatchewan residents and are registered as full-time students at an accredited post-secondary institution.

The programs are intended to recognize leadership, academic ability, financial need, and community involvement of students who meet the eligibility criteria for any or all scholarship programs.

The scholarship fund is based on a $2.5 million capital investment and scholarships are awarded on the interest earned on the fund’s principle and through individual corporate partnership donations.

Award decisions are made by a scholarship trustee and selection committee comprised of five members; three members are selected from within the institute while two members are external appointees from the Métis community.

GDI welcomes the opportunity to build partnerships with corporate and independent businesses, and has the potential for matching GDI-partner contributions. Contact the Scholarship Coordinator for more information at