CUPE 5512

This Scholarship is open to:

  •  any Prairie South School Division #210 or Vanier Collegiate student whose parent or guardian is a C.U.P.E. Local #5512 member in good standing.  OR
  • a C.U.P.E. Local #5512 employee while still attending a high school in the Prairie South School Division #210.

The amount of this scholarship will be one hundred dollars ($100.00).


  •  The scholarship candidate shall be a Grade Twelve graduate during the current school year and shall be continuing his/her education or trade at a recognized institution within the following school year.
  •  The scholarship candidate shall have an acceptable academic standing in his/her high school year.
  •  The scholarship candidate must be a good citizen, law abiding, and with good school conduct.
  • Involvement in student activities, the community and volunteer organizations would be included in the selection.

 Completed application forms must be returned to your school principal/guidance counselor by:

  • April 30th of the year in which applying for Rural Schools
  • May 30th of the year in which applying for Moose Jaw High Schools

C U P E Local #5512 Scholarship Application Form (2016)