Cando Spirit High School Scholarship Program

Cando Rail Services is committed to the many communities in which it operates across Canada and in the United States. Through the Cando Spirit High School Scholarship Program, the company awards one scholarship of $500 to the local high school in the community. Scholarships will be given out annually.

Cando’s Customers
Cando managers will work with our customers in the communities we operate to select the high school in the area. Customers will also be invited to attend the award ceremony with the Cando representative if they chose to.

The Recipients
The scholarship recipient will receive a certificate at the award ceremony and will then be responsible for proving his or her attendance at the post secondary institution of his or her choice in the fall.

Selection Criteria
Cando’s employees pride themselves on being able to make things happen. Throughout the years, the company has worked to build a company culture that it can be proud of. The Cando Spirit was established to help communicate the company culture to employees and can be found on display in each of Cando’s facilities.

The Cando scholarship is to be awarded to the student that best displays the six characteristics as laid out in the Cando Spirit High School Scholarship (leadership, determination and work ethic; taking risks; business with integrity; empowering leaders; employee ownership; and entrepreneurship). We ask the school administration to please adapt the characteristics to apply to a high school setting.

Due: May 1, 2019

Talk to your guidance counsellor for more information.