Saskatchewan Drama Association Entrance Scholarship

The SK Drama Association is a Provincial Cultural Organization and Professional Growth Network of the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation. Our mission is to promote the growth and development of youth drama in Saskatchewan and to promote professional development through communication and drama development programs.

To facilitate the delivery of our mission, SDA provides a $1000 Entrance Scholarship to an eligible SDA student member graduating from Grade 12 and continuing his/her education in a post secondary institution with a a major area of study in Theatre/Drama or Theatre/Drama Education.

Deadline: May 31


Legion Saskatchewan Command – Jack Moore Memorial Scholarship and Burgess Bursary

Saskatchewan Command is offering 10 scholarships And 10 bursaries of $500 each.

You may apply for a scholarship, a bursary, or both. To be eligible, you must be:

  • A resident of SK;
  • A child, grandchild or great-grandchild of a current or former-serving member of the Canadian Armed or Allied Forces or RCMP; and
  • Entering your first year of post-secondary education at a:
    • university;
    • ]technical or trade school (minimum two-year course); or
    • business college (a complete business course).

Scholarships and bursaries are awarded based on Grade 12 academic performance using the Transcript of Secondary Level Achievement (Gr. 12 departmental marks). In addition, bursaries are awarded based on financial needs.

Deadline:   August 28, 2019

Pick up an application form from ROOM 130.

Royal Canadian Legion Branch #59 Moose Jaw – Nola Belisle

The Royal Canadian Legion Moose Jaw Branch #59 Nola Belisle Memorial Bursary

  • This on-going bursary has been renamed to honour the memory of Nola Belisle.  This being done in 1996 by the Honours & Awards Committee of Branch #59 of the Royal Canadian Legion.  One bursary is to be awarded annually to each of the five high schools in the City of Moose Jaw, SK.
  • Eligibility:
    • Any student completing Grade 12 in a MJ High School with the following qualifications:
      • Participation in worthy community projects.
      • Good moral character.
      • Maintains high scholastic standing.
      • Participates in extra curricular activities.
      • Plans to continue with further education.
    • Complete the application form and add supporting documents.
  • Deadline:  May 31, 2019

Royal Canadian Legion Branch #59 Moose Jaw

The Royal Canadian Legion Moose Jaw Branch #59 Poppy Fund Bursary

This bursary is extended annually to Grade 12 students who are sons, daughters or grandchildren of ex-servicemen in need of assistance in financing further education.

  • Fill out the necessary application form.
  • Deadline:  May 31, 2019

The Stanley J. Rivers Bursary (Awarded on behalf of Eunic and Stanley (Dec) Rivers)

  • This bursary is to be awarded to Grade 12 students who are the children or grandchildren of a veteran, and are in need of assistance to finance their post secondary education.
    • Fill out the necessary application form.
    • Deadline:  May 31, 2019

CUPE 5512

This Scholarship is open to:

  • any Prairie South School Division #210 or Vanier Collegiate student whose parent or guardian is a C.U.P.E. Local #5512 member in good standing


  • a C.U.P.E. Local #5512 employee while still attending a high school in the Prairie South School Division #210

The amount of this scholarship will be one hundred dollars ($100.00). The scholarship candidate shall be a Grade Twelve graduate during the current school year and shall be continuing his/her education or trade at a recognized institution within the following school year. The scholarship candidate shall have an acceptable academic standing in his/her high school year. The scholarship candidate must be a good citizen, law abiding, and with good school conduct. Involvement in student activities, the community and volunteer organizations would be included in the selection.


Completed application forms must be returned to your school principal/guidance counselor by:
April 30th of the year in which applying for Rural Schools
May 30th of the year in which applying for Moose Jaw High Schools

The Scholarship Committee requirements:

  • Would like the selection committee to consist of the following: Principal and/or Vice-Principal and Guidance Counsellor.
  • The committee, as above, must select only one scholarship candidate.
  • If no scholarship candidate is selected, then no scholarship will be awarded for the year.
  • Students must be enrolled in their choice of education for the first available semester in the year following graduation.
  • Scholarships will be presented annually. One scholarship will be presented to each high school in the Prairie South School Division #210 and one scholarship for Vanier Collegiate, where applicable.


St Mary School Community Council Scholarship

St. Mary School Community Council is offering a Scholarship/Bursary to a Vanier Collegiate graduate who also completed Grade 8 at St. Mary School. This is a $500.00 Scholarship/Bursary

To apply please fill in the application form on the reverse side. Feel free to attached further information if enough  space isn’t provided.

  1. Your community involvement (community, church).
  2. Your school involvement at Vanier (clubs, sports).
  3. Tell us what your post-secondary schooling plans are.
  4. Financial situation, will you be using loans, savings etc.
  5. A copy of your transcript with marks up to and including the end of your first semester of Grade 12.

Submissions are due by May 1st.

Please mail, email or drop off your submissions to:

St. Mary School
720 5th Avenue SW
Moose Jaw, SK S6H 5W3

SCC Application Form