10 Words or Less Scholarship

Scholarship Deadline: November 30th, 2020 ($500)

To be eligible for the 10 Words or Less Scholarship a student must:

1) Anyone who is between the ages of 14-25 who will be attending school in the Fall of 2021.

2) This scholarship is provided by StudentScholarships.org.  In order to apply for our scholarship follow these instructions:

A. Go to www.facebook.com/myscholarships and place a comment on any post you see answering the question:

In 10 words or less, tell us why you deserve the $500 scholarship.

B. Before or After writing your Answer you will also need to “Like” our Facebook page.  Note we will only read the answers provided from people that have “Liked” our page.


Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/myscholarships