RDIEC Career Connections

The RDIEC’s Career Connections program provides an opportunity for interested Grade 10-12 students to obtain entry level skills and industry recognized safety training certification.  Participating students also have the opportunity to obtain a high school credit upon completion of the work experience component.

This program involves three (3) steps:  

         1.  Skill Acquisition – This is an introduction to the career area through basic skill development.  During this phase, the students will acquire industry specific entry level skills in the career highlighted.

         2.  Safety Training – A and B are found at Career Safety Education.  C is found at SK Construction Association

Students will have to complete the following:

        A) Young Workers Readiness Certificate.

        B) Mental Health Wellness Training

        C) SCOT (Safety Construction Orientation Training)  A pin number will be given to access this site.

         D) Plus additional 

        3.  Career Work Exploration Credit – it students would like to continue this program and earn a Career and Work Exploration credit, there is the option for them to complete a work experience placement.

Students should be interested in the skilled trades and have time in their personal schedules to fulfill the commitment of this program.  Students must dress appropriately for working in this industry and steel toed boots are required.  

*** Students will also have to provide a proof of vaccination or a proof of a negative Covid 19 test. (The student will have to pay for this test and bring the proof of negative results with them each week)  

RDIEC Career Connections in March will include: (Stay tuned for more information.)

  • Masonry (open to all students).
  • Carpentry (open to female students only)
  • Auto Body (open to underrepresented students—Indigenous, female, people with disabilities, newcomers)

WEBSITE: http://www.rdiec.ca/career-connections