Moose Jaw Community Academy – Deadline Sept. 20

Discover Moose Jaw – Published: Tuesday, 10 September 2019 07:17

With the application process closing in a few weeks, there’s still time to be a part of this year’s police academy.
Moose Jaw’s police service holds this 6 week course yearly, and it’s a chance to see into the world of policing.
Sgt. Kevin Pilsworth with the police service, on what the course offers.

“It’s a snap shot into what policing looks like in Moose Jaw. It’s a really great opportunity for participants to, on a weekly basis, see different elements of policing in Moose Jaw. We have different guest police instructors come in and provide interactive presentations on key areas. Some of those include our forensic identification unit, our K-9 unit, all kinds of fun and interesting pieces of information for people to take home. It’s a really good opportunity.”

the course is completely free to all of the applicants who get in, though Pilsworth said that they only take a select few each year.

“We find that every year when our participants come in, we’ll have 12 people come in, and it really seems like all 12 have their own unique reasons why they want to be a part of the program. For a lot of people they simply are interested in a career in policing. For many others though, they’re interested in our community. Others they just want to see what our police service is all about. So it’s a real opportunity, there’s all kinds of reasons why people sign up. It’s a good chance for us to connect with people in our community and help them connect with our police service.”

It’s starting up on October 8th, the application process is closing in a few weeks, and with such a small group each time, Pilsworth said it’s important to get your application in as soon as you can. They keep the class small intentionally, to allow for a better instructor to student ratio, giving the attendees a much better experience.

“Anybody that’s interested, please contact either myself, or Constable Kyle Cunningham at our police service and we’ll be happy to help you get signed up for the program.”

The 6 week program runs once a week on Tuesday evenings from 7 PM until 9:30 PM, and wraps up on November 12th.

You can also head to their website to apply.