How do I apply and prepare for post-secondary?

Grade 12 Checklist 

Background Information                          

☐ Ensure that you are taking the necessary classes so you can meet the admission requirements required for schools and programs you might be interested in pursuing.  Admission requirements are available online, or for more information, ask your guidance counsellor or visit the post-secondary school’s website. 

☐ Complete the personality and interest surveys to learn more about yourself and explore career possible options for the future.

☐ Utilize school services such as career cruising, scholarship workshops and career events that take place throughout the year.

☐ Update your resume and your portfolio to showcase all your accomplishments in school, volunteer work, jobs, hobbies, sports and other extra-curricular experiences. 

You Should Know

☐ Grade 11 and 12 marks count heavily in post-secondary admissions. Important classes that are generally used in admission averages:  English A and B, Social Studies, Christian Ethics, Foundations or Pre-Cal Mathematics and sometimes a 30 level science.  However, this obviously depends on the program you are applying for!

☐ Each school has its own deadline dates!  Make sure you research and know your dates and adhere to them! 

☐ Create a folder for all your post-secondary materials (applications, transcripts, receipts, student funding info, etc.).  You should also have one for scholarships as well.

☐ Applying for residence on campus should be done as early as possible!

☐ Visit!  Open houses, spend a days, school events for students and parents are a great way to learn more about the school and what they have to offer.

☐ Apply for scholarships, awards and bursaries- you won’t win if you don’t apply!

 Post –Secondary Planning

☐ Plan A, B and C

☐ Create a list of your top three schools and their programs that interest you.

                ☐ If you are considering SIAST – apply now! 

☐ Create your own checklist of deadlines for admission applications, scholarships and residence.

☐ Start applying early!

☐ Steps to the application process:

☐ Apply online.  Keep you username, password, id number and eventually your student number in a safe place!

☐ Have the following on hand:

☐ Vanier Collegiate High School Transcript

☐ Check your application status online through your account.  If in doubt, call the school and ask for an update!

☐ Early Conditional Admission – Once the post-secondary institution identifies that you are enrolled in all the necessary classes to meet the admission requirements and your average meets their admission average you will be offered Early Conditional Admission.

☐ If you do not have the required average for admission, the school may or may not inform you of this issue (ex: U of S).  You will therefore, be required to submit updated marks.

☐ Request the Ministry of Education to send your transcripts to the schools of your choice.  There will be a fee for this service.




☐ Make sure you attend! Both you and your parents will be able to attend a variety of sessions to assist you with registering for classes, paying tuition, visiting residences,   and much more.

Post-Secondary Deadlines based on 2012-2013 Information

Deadline GraphicDeadline GraphicDeadline Graphic



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